Guided Relaxation for Teenagers CD


Guided Relaxation for Teenagers CD


This CD consists of seven tracks, including

  • a brief introduction
  • body preparation, comprising of a series of gentle movements designed to enhance an understanding of deep muscle relaxation and mind body connection
  • progressive muscle relaxation
  • simple and effective breathing exercises
  • a deep relaxation exercise to aid sleep

This CD can be used by adults and teenagers alike. It is neither patronising nor too esoteric for the average teenager. There is no dogma or belief system. It is simply about being in the moment. It is based on Edna Reinhardt‘s 40 years' experience conducting yoga and relaxation classes for teenagers.

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“This is a must have CD for professionals working with adolescents in schools, community organisations, and clinical practice. It is also a great self-help resource for adolescents themselves”

Katie Wood, Phd.,
Clinical Psychologist/Lecturer, Swinburne University,
Melbourne, Australia.